Live Physical Lectures

639 Hours of Live Physical lectures with conceptual teaching methodologies with the stipulated course schedule. Generally, all concepts of NEET Syllabus will be explained with real-life examples, which ensures registering concepts for their lifetime. A simplified explanation of concepts makes students comfortable to apply the same in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ).

Work Sheets & Practice Sessions

210 hours is allocated for Work Sheets & Practice Sessions. This plays a vital role in any competitive preparation. Since JEE is a Time Stipulated Test. Aspirants should have time managing skills. Moreover, the shortcuts, Memory Maps, and the Mnemonics, which is taught in, live lecture hours should be practiced to apply in the MCQ. Only exclusively solving experts made worksheets and practice sessions, which are part of the course delivery, can develop this skill. Normally an aspirant perusing 2 years of JEE Program with Icon Institute will be exposed to Minimum 30,000 MCQs through worksheets, App and Quizzes.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Our Work Sheets and Practice sessions are supported with Doubt clearing sessions by the assigned expert faculties. So that the aspirant clears his doubts in parallel wherever he or she gets struck.

Study Materials

Our teaching experts compiled study materials with a decade of result-oriented experience that ensures content direct to concepts and applications. Content, Formula sheets, Memory Maps are developed to specific chapters and topics which carry high mark weightage.

Weekly Tests & Cumulative Tests

Regular assessing of content knowledge, problem-solving, time management and high order thinking skills is done. Our Test Schedules are Weekly and Fortnightly (Cumulative Test). Icon’s Progressive pattern of Weekly and Fortnightly ensures regular touch with all chapters of the syllabus during the entire course delivery for 2 years. Icon’s advantage is that soon after the test – the results and ranks are compared among all Icon learning centers, which develops the competitive spirit from week one. Even the test papers are discussed with solutions later to the test.